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Paul is most famous for his unique concerts. The experience of a Paul Todd concert is totally different from anything anyone has ever seen before. Although Paul is first and foremost a Christian artist, his concerts also include original, classical, popular, and Broadway selections. Paul accompanies himself by playing six keyboards simultaneously. His fingers and feet move at lightening fast speed, which the audience can see on a large mirror set up behind the keyboards. Known also for his smooth and powerful vocals, he combines talent with a sparkling wit to help make his concerts an unforgettable family night out. Columnist Jack Moss said it best, "I've seen Todd do his thing in concert and I think he's impossible to top as an entertainer." Paul continues to perform over fifty concerts a year, most of them as fundraisers for charities.

Paul travels with his son, Paul Todd Jr., Who is a gifted singer, songwriter, and percussionist.

The Performer......

A critically acclaimed prolific writer, entertainer, composer, arranger, and singer, Paul Todd has been amazing crowds since he won the prestigious National Yamaha Keyboard Contest at the young age of fourteen. His career began with classmate singer Linda Eder as "The Paul and Linda Show", playing clubs and opening for such celebrities as The Pointer Sisters, Rich Little, The Gatlin Brothers, and Joan Rivers. After beginning his own solo career, Paul has experienced all facets of the music industry, and has headlined in theaters and concert halls worldwide. His Broadway performances include the Beacon Theater, where he performed in a special production of "A Night on Broadway", with Broadway greats: Hinton Battle, Carla Burns, and Danielle Furland. As a Christian artist, he has worked with some of his favorites, including; Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Phil Driscol.

The Composer......

Paul has composed the theme songs for many prominent organizations which include: "Men in Mission", for the Men in Mission organization; "Make a Wish", which he wrote for the Make a Wish Foundation, later recorded by Crystal Gayle; and "Christmas is for Children", for the Toys for Tots program. During the Christmas season, you can see Paul's music video, "Christmas is for Children", on video networks nationwide. Paul has composed the entire score for two musicals, the latest, "A Christmas Carol", which played in New York for many holiday seasons. Past productions have starred Wilfred Brimley (The Firm), and John Astin (Gomez in TV's The Addams Family). In 1999, Paul composed the song "The First Lady In My Life", which is fast becoming one of the most popular Mother/Son wedding dance songs in the nation.


The Talent......

Although he was called a child prodigy at the keyboards, Paul found it was only after years of study, practice, and working in different areas of the music business that he fully understood and developed his own talent. As a child he realized that he could hear entire symphonies and scores of music "in his head", but he had to spend years training his hands and feet to automatically perform what he heard. He was always drawn to keyboards and organs, versus a piano because the instrumental voices on keyboards let him in reality, become his own orchestra. Those that watch him either perform or record can hardly believe what they see. In fact, a major music critic stated, "I cannot believe that all that music I just heard could have been played live by one person." When Paul's agent assured him that everything in Paul's show is in fact performed live, he still insisted it must have been programmed. It has only been in the past few years that critics and the general public have started to understand the true extent of his extraordinary talent and have begun to call him a modern day Mozart. Paul feels much luckier than Mozart. He reminds us that, "Mozart had to write everything down and wait for an orchestra to perform it. I have always been able to perform it myself, off the cuff."

The Mission......

Paul's personal mission statement is to use his talents to help raise funds for charitable organizations. Over the years, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous charities nationwide. PTC (Paul Todd Charities Inc.) has been founded to help with this endeavor. This year, Paul has started a weekly television program which in the future will help raise funds for small charities and ministries that do not receive adequate publicity or funding. These organizations perform such services as feed the poor, house the homeless, and give needed care to underprivileged children. His program can be seen Saturdays at 10:00 PM on the Christian Television Network. It is also on SkyAngel Satellite System, which is shown on the Dish Network Channel Angel One nation wide.


Paul is now the music director exclusively at St. Agnes Catholic Church

located at 7775 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., Naples, FL 34120.

Mass times are as follows:

Saturday: 4:00pm or 3:30 & 5:15 (during season)
Sunday: 7:30am, 9:00am, 11:00am, & 5:00 pm

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